Womb Magic ~ 3 Things EVERY Cycling Woman Needs to Know

by Indigo on Nov.08, 2012, under Women's culture

Do you suffer from PMS, irregular cycles, cycle-related bloating, acne, or fatigue…

OR do you sometimes feel like a Dragon-Lady {say, every 28 days or so!}?

What if your menstrual cycle wasn’t a roller coaster or an inconvenience, but rather ~ a precious and POWERFUL opportunity for renewal on every level of your being?

When we effectively track our cycles, we’re able to see patterns emerge and in turn, give ourselves what we nee throughout our cycles. As a result, we’re able to harness this powerful opportunity for renewal ~ which benefits ourselves and every one around us.

I’m excited to share more with you about how all of this works in my new audio ~

Womb Magic ~ 3 Things Every Cycling Woman Needs to Know.

Click the link above to listen to your audio.

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And don’t forget to register HERE for Pelvic Power ~ Our New Moon Virtual Women’s Retreat!

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Women in Cyberspace ~ Our Blind Spots

by Indigo on Oct.09, 2012, under Women's culture

Now I'm happy to have more L I F E... and less cyberspace!

Last Spring I was poised to earn significant cyberspace recognition and significant income too. WILDE Tribe 2012 was a “success” but I didn’t feel successful.

What followed was a 6 month-long inquiry into almost every area of my life ~ including my career direction, my relationship with technology, internet marketing, and why I didn’t actually enjoy being an online female entrepreneur…Listen to the audio blog below about what I discovered when ~

Just as I was about to have everything I thought I wanted, I pressed the pause button…

Click below to listen. {Your audio will open in a new window, be patient as it may take a moment to load.}

Women in Cyberspace ~ Our Blind Spots

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How to Teach Your Man About the Moon Tent

by Indigo on Apr.26, 2012, under Women's culture

Do you live with a spiritual, sensitive man that you love dearly?

Even though he’s wonderful, do you sometimes feel like you’re living with someone from an alien race?

Every 25 days or so, do you start thinking that it’s pretty ridiculous for men and women to live together?

You’re not alone!

Long ago, someplace not so far away from where you’re living right now, there was something called the Moon Lodge, the Moon Tent, the Red Tent, or the Women’s Lodge.

You’ve heard about it. And somewhere in your cells ~

You remember it.

The Moon Lodge is a place where the women of the tribe go to separate from men, children, and the daily responsibilities of the household ~ to Flow with the Moon.

When we Flow With the Moon, we’re the most powerful we’ll be all month.

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Trust the Emptiness

by Indigo on Mar.07, 2012, under Transformation

What is now overwhelm can teeter right over the edge and into Beauty…

This is the way, when we listen.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your circumstances (or downright overwhelmed) consider pausing to listen.

Surrender to your knowing. And feel what there is to feel.

If you pause and really breathe with it, you might see that there’s tremendous beauty in this.





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it all started with a swarm of bees…

by Indigo on Feb.06, 2012, under Creativity

It all started with a swarm of bees…

In the wee hours of one Indian summer night, I awoke to a sound that was undeniably a swarm of bees(?) inside my room(?)!

WEIRD, I thought, and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours later, it got even weirder.

I awoke before my daughter and before dawn (both VERY unusual). This time the bees were inside my head, swirling and buzzing as they do. It sounded and felt like hundreds of them inside my brain ‘adjusting’ and ‘activating’ something with their distinct vibration.

Sounds crazy right?

As crazy as it sounds, it really did happen.

When the bees left my head, I felt like Dorothy. I’d just landed, and all was perfectly quiet. A message came to me clear as a bell:

“You need to organize a movement. It begins with 9,999 women.”

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