Womb Magic ~ 3 Things EVERY Cycling Woman Needs to Know

by Indigo on Nov.08, 2012, under Women's culture

Do you suffer from PMS, irregular cycles, cycle-related bloating, acne, or fatigue…

OR do you sometimes feel like a Dragon-Lady {say, every 28 days or so!}?

What if your menstrual cycle wasn’t a roller coaster or an inconvenience, but rather ~ a precious and POWERFUL opportunity for renewal on every level of your being?

When we effectively track our cycles, we’re able to see patterns emerge and in turn, give ourselves what we nee throughout our cycles. As a result, we’re able to harness this powerful opportunity for renewal ~ which benefits ourselves and every one around us.

I’m excited to share more with you about how all of this works in my new audio ~

Womb Magic ~ 3 Things Every Cycling Woman Needs to Know.

Click the link above to listen to your audio.

{Be patient as your audio will open in a new window and it may take a moment to load.}

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